Career As a Corrections and IES Officer

To start a career, candidates must have clear knowledge of what they are actually choosing. They must choose something which will avail them in the future. Candidates who opt to be Corrections Officers or an IES Officer should be well aware of the nature of duties and responsibilities and the corrections officers provide safety and security to the local, state and federal slam by guarding the inmates.An IES officer knows approval of any new technology or machinery to be used in construction. They listen to the needs and problems of the individuals inside the slam and counsel them accordingly.

Important things regarding these Exams are following:

1. Education:

All knows that education serves the foundation of every career. In this field, too, few level of education is required. To become an IES officer applicants must have an engineer(bachelor’s degree) after that you need to crack this exam with good rank. On the other hand some correctional facilities prefer at least high school education. It may accept three years of full time experience in referral and supervision of persons or a combination of college study and counselling work.

2. Selection Procedure :

The selection procedure of correction officer or an IES officer require the applicants to pass a written entrance exam. The exam conduct of different stages and questions based on different subjects that they choose according their stream, are provided to the candidates to test their intelligence and capacity. After cracking written exams physical exams are also taken by authority to ascertain that the applicants are able for this post.

3. Training:

The training period can vary according to the coaching centers and institutions . It may finish from one month to six months. The training may be held outside the correctional facility, a private institute or in the department of IES. It includes courses in the principles, practices and terminology etc. varies from one department to another. Being an IES officer, a number of staff will report to you. When a candidate clears a certain stage of training, they are provided certificates form the International Education Society to confirm the achievement

4. Promotions After Recruitment :

Promotions of an IES officer provided according to the experience, education, performance and training. An officer generally receives promotion form an IES officer to Research Officer to Deputy Director, Economic Adviser and so on. On the other hand the employment outlook for Corrections Officers is improved in the coming years. More vacancies are expected to be filled up by candidates. As such, a candidate who wants to pursue a career as a Corrections Officer or an IES officer can look forward for the opportunities.

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